Getting Rid Of Wrinkles With Plastic Surgery

by | Apr 4, 2014 | Healthcare

Looking young, vibrant and ageless is a goal of many men and women around the world. While we may never find the Fountain of Youth that allows us to turn back the hands of time, we do have options to correct the changes in our face that give that old, worn and aged appearance. Plastic surgery in Beverly Hills provides people with a range of invasive or surgical options, as well as some very minimally invasive and non-surgical options to consider.

The Botox Revolution

Botox, which is actually combination of a neurotoxin and protein, first came to the attention of medical science in 1897. It naturally occurred in fatty meats; particularly sausage incorrectly processed, and was discovered and first used for medical purposes by a variety of different physicians and scientists until the early part of the 1900s. It wasn’t until 1949 that it was discovered that the Botulinum toxin was able to actually block neuromuscular transmission.

Initially this blocking ability was used to correct muscle problems such as crossed eyes and excessive blinking. By injecting the Botulinum toxin type A into patients it was also found treat muscle spasms as well as prevent excessive sweating.

Botox Today

Today, Botox is used in a variety of different types of cosmetic procedures by surgeons providing plastic surgery in Beverly Hills. This includes injecting into muscle groups around the mouth, across the forehead and around the eyes to relax the muscles by blocking the messages transmitted by the nerves, allowing the skin to look smooth and unlined.

Botox treatment will not eliminate all lines and wrinkles, but it can have a major impact for lines and wrinkles not caused by hereditary or sun damage. Any wrinkles caused by muscle contraction can be corrected with Botox injections by qualified individuals providing plastic surgery in Beverly Hills.

Physician –Administered Botox

Botox needs to be carefully used by a trained, professional offering plastic surgery in Beverly Hills. Individuals that inject Botox incorrectly can cause damage to the nerves and muscles, resulting in permanent changes to the face, skin, mouth, forehead and the area around the eyes.

By using only a physician that practices plastic surgery in Beverly Hills you can be assured the correct procedure will be followed. This not only gives you peace of mind but also helps to avoid any possible lingering side effects of an incorrect injection of the toxin.
With years of experience and training we are able to provide the safest options for anyone considering invasive or non-invasive plastic surgery in Beverly Hills. To learn more about our services visit us online.

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