Getting Rid of Rodents Begins with Pest Control Boulder, CO


While rodents are portrayed as cute and cuddly in animated shows, no homeowner wants them in their home. When these pests invade a home, homeowners need to immediately seek the professionals for pest control in Boulder, CO. With this information, homeowners will know the signs of rodents and how the professionals can remove them.

Signs of Rodent Problems

There are a few different signs a homeowner may notice when there is a rodent problem. If any of the following is noticed, it is imperative individuals seek the professionals for pest control in Boulder, CO. Waiting too long will only lead to a greater infestation.

  • One of the first signs homeowners often notice is rodent droppings. When these droppings are in place, they mean rodents have invaded the home. Smaller droppings mean mice are in place, while larger ones indicate rats.
  • When rodents find refuge in a home, their first action will be to secure a nest so they can have their young. Homeowners may find shredded paper, content, and other materials that are scattered in different areas, especially under appliances and furniture.
  • If the rodents are in large numbers, they will often make sounds at night, such as scratching and squeaking. If these sounds are heard, a homeowner needs to call pest control.
  • Homeowners who see a rodent in their home need to be concerned. Most rodents hide when people are around, and they will only come out at night. If a homeowner sees a rodent, there may be a big problem.

How Do the Professionals Help?

There are a few different methods that can be used to rid a home of rodent pests. Live traps can be used, along with bait stations to remove all stages of life. Rodents carry diseases that can be passed on to humans, so they need to be removed promptly.

If you would like to learn more about these services, contact Wards Lawn Service today, and they will be happy to provide you with the pest control services you need right away. Allow them to help you get rid of your unwanted pests, so your home is safe.