Getting Replacement Windows

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Houses, no matter where they are, will eventually need their windows replaced. Wooden windows in older houses were creaky, leaky and single paned, which made it very hard to keep heat in the house. In the days when people lived in houses with single glazing and none of the mod-cons we know today, it was very difficult to keep a house warm in the winter. There was no wall insulation, no attic insulation and no central heating systems. Aside from that, windows were not as well made and were certainly drafty, even in newly built homes.

In tropical places such as the Hawaiian islands, there temperatures stay warmer throughout the year and there is really little such thing as winter, drafty windows can still pose problems. In the tropical conditions that surround the Hawaiian islands, the weather can become extremely windy during a tropical storm. It is not unheard of for windows to be blown out by high winds or flying debris. Because the Hawaiian islands are so exposed they are susceptible to northern Pacific tropical storms on a regular basis. During the Hawaiian wet season-Hawaii only has two seasons; wet and dry-storms around the vicinity are prevalent. However, on the positive side, they also tend to divert heavier storms and hurricanes because of the volcanic mountains. In December 2010 Tropical Storm Omeka passed by the Hawaiian islands, but did no damage whatsoever. Again, in 2013, Tropical Storm Flossie passed straight through the middle of the islands, doing very little damage and most of this is put down to the volcanic mountains that seem to be able to divert many a threatening storm away.

Replacement Windows for Cosmetic Reasons

As a result of this lack of storm damage, window replacement in Honolulu, HI is only generally done as a upgrade to the existing windows. There are some homeowners who modernize their homes, rebuild, build extensions or remodel and install new windows. Others do replace their windows if they are damaged in high winds, but for the most part, the weather is not as bad of a factor in Hawaii as it is in places like New Jersey or the eastern seaboard of the United States. Choosing replacement windows depends on style, materials, prices and energy efficiency. Most window companies now manufacture energy efficient windows with highly efficient ratings. Click here for more details.