Getting Over Your Fear of the Dentist in Bridgewater NJ


If you have fears about going to the dentist, you are not alone. More than 80 percent of Americans are afraid of the dentist. Many people have a fear that is strong enough it prevents them from visiting the dentist every six months as is recommended by the American Dental Association. Today, there is more awareness of this fact, causing many offices to cater to these patients to help them get the treatment they need without too much anxiety. If you are one of these patients who avoids going to the dentist and getting proper dental care, you can rest assured it is easy to find a dentist in Bridgewater NJ who can treat your dental needs and your fears.

Talk to the Dentist

Before you give up altogether about having proper oral care, there are a few things you can do to ease your fears. First and foremost, you should talk to the dentist beforehand. When you let him know about your feelings, he will be able to treat you appropriately. Talking beforehand also informs you about the exact procedures that are going to be performed, step by step. A reputable dentist in Bridgewater NJ will not show any reluctance in informing you about the procedure and what to expect.

Listen to Music

Sometimes, something as simple as listening to calming music in headphones while your dental procedures are taking place is enough to calm you down. The music can also drown out any noise the equipment makes. Sometimes it is the noise itself that causes the anxiety in patients.

Wear Glasses

If the bright lights that are used during dental procedures escalate your fears, ask if it is okay if you wear a pair of sunglasses to make them less intimidating. Most dentists are accommodating in the concessions they make for patients, especially those that will help them get their procedures done more efficiently.

Sedation Dentistry

For the truly fearful, you can find a dentist in Bridgewater NJ who offers sedation dentistry. This is the method of using nitrous oxide to relax a patient enough to have the dental procedure done without any anxiety while the patient is still conscience. This method is extremely safe. If it is the only way a patient can endure any type of dental procedure, it should be used. Not having proper dental care is the worst thing anyone can do, making finding a plausible way to have the treatments done worth it in the long run.

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