Getting Maintenance, Repair and Replacement of Brakes in Groton

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Brakes are an important part of your vehicle. The condition and effectiveness of your Brakes in Groton can be the difference between an accident stopped just in time and a major dent in another person’s car, or worse especially in places where traffic is normally bumper to bumper during the rush hour. It is therefore important to always apply proper care, maintenance, repair and replacement procedures for your brakes. Here are a few things that you should know about Brakes in Groton.

Brake inspection should be done at least twice a year to ascertain that the car is safe for you and any other passengers. Here are six important steps that should be part of brake maintenance procedures.

1. Inspect the brake discs and make sure that they are shallow, regular and shiny. In case there are any rough edges, the parts should be replaced immediately.
2. Inspect the brake pads to make sure that they aren’t too worn out. If the pads are less that 1/8th inch in thickness, they should be replaced. Fortunately, the pads are easier to replace than the discs.
3. Check the condition of the brake shoes. Vehicles that have drum brakes will have brake shoes. If the metal on the brake shoe is worn out and the lining is getting exposed, the part should be replaced.
4. Check the thickness of the brake rotor. Different vehicle types will have different rotor thicknesses. When inspecting the pads, use a micrometer to check the rotor thickness. If it is less than what the manufacturer recommends, have the part replaced.
5. Check the brake lines. Normally the brake lines will have a protective coating of rubber all round. If there are dry or cracked sections of the rubber, it should be replaced immediately.
6. Check the brake fluid. When doing the regular checks, you should ensure that you are using the right fluid for your vehicle.

After the six-step inspection, you are supposed to make sure that you have shopped for original and genuine replacement parts for your brakes. Do not compromise with quality to save some cash. For the best replacement parts for brakes in Groton, go to Bumper to Bumper.