Getting Loved Ones Into Los Angeles Drug Abuse Treatment Programs


For many families, the fact that a loved one and family member has a drug abuse problem is not a hidden secret. In fact, everyone in the family may recognize the problem and want the loved one to get help, but it seems that the addict is simply not ready. That doesn’t mean that you don’t have options to continue to talk about the benefits of Los Angeles drug abuse treatment programs.

In some cases, but not all situations, one or more members in a family may be enabling the use of drugs by the individual. This may include covering for them with their work, shielding them from the rest of the family, or something as simple as tolerating the substance abuse and providing them with room and board even if the drug use continues.

Sometimes the family may feel helpless in being able to get their loved one into a Los Angeles drug abuse treatment program. They may have tried discussions, tried “tough love” and even attempted to have the person assessed. If this sounds like your family, there are still options to consider.


Interventions are not guaranteed to have an individual agree to go into a Los Angeles drug abuse treatment program. However, if you work with an agency providing a professional to facilitate the intervention, the results can be very positive.

The intervention has to be structured and not turn into a blaming or shaming event. Instead, through professional support, the family can focus in on talking about current issues and future hopes for the rebuilding of relationships.

Court-Ordered Rehab

The research is clear, even with court-ordered participation in a Los Angeles drug abuse treatment, excellent results are possible. Many people believe the addict has to be fully committed to the treatment from day one for it to be effective.

With years of research, this is no longer seen as a valid argument. In fact, people attending out of court-ordered participation are just as successful in completing the program and staying clean and sober as those entering voluntarily.

Another important consideration is the timing of the discussion about Los Angeles drug abuse treatment. An addict doesn’t have to hit bottom or have a traumatic event occur in order to agree to go. Sometimes, all it takes is the support, love and encouragement of the family to give them the courage to ask for help.

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