Getting Fillings Under Dental Care in Waikiki


Amalgam comes from the Arabic term “al-malgam,” which means emollient ointment. This is the name for the liquid or solid alloys of mercury with other metals. Amalgam is an inexpensive and convenient essential filler which consists of about 50% mercury. It is known that amalgam dental fillings steadily release mercury though. When you seek Dental Care in Waikiki, the dentist will choose which type of filling is best for you.

Is amalgam a viable option? For one, the smallest particles are abraded by chewing and evaporated, depending on the quality and age of the filling. This means a more or less large portion passes through the body via the bloodstream. It accumulates in organs such as the kidneys or the brain. Whether it really causes damage has not yet been scientifically proven.

In this regard, no studies have provided information about how mercury accumulation can affect a life, a topic about which dentists and scientists have argue for years. Proponents of amalgam fillings lead to limits that are specified by the World Health Organization. The mercury content in the blood and urine, they argue, are usually below the existing limits. Critics of the filling material, however, state that the mercury concentrations in blood and/or urine do not refer to how much mercury has actually entered the brain or other organs. It is clear that mercury attacks the nervous system, the metabolism and the immune system, which leads to a variety of health disorders.

Mercury is not essential for the human body. A healthy body requires a single atom of that element. In addition, it is the most toxic non-radioactive element. Therefore, the use was reduced or completely stopped, except in dentistry. By volcanic eruptions, natural deposits are made in the earth’s crust, but emissions from coal-fired power plants, food (fish) and vaccinations allow it to enter the body.

A technical disadvantage of amalgam fillings is that early contacts are created by the occlusal (bite). Furthermore, they result in the removal of the excess filling. There are just a couple more problems with amalgam fillings, however, you should always understand that your local dentist would never put you in harm’s way. For more information about how amalgam fillings can benefit you, seek dental care in Waikiki today.