Getting a Pet Ready for Dog Boarding in Chicago


There may be times when it’s necessary for a dog owner to leave a pet for a period of time. Leaving a pet unattended for more than a day or so can cause a pet to become distressed. This can result in damaged household goods from dogs being bored and aggressive. Instead, a pet owner should consider boarding a dog when he will be away from home for even a day or longer. The following suggestions will help get a dog ready for Dog Boarding in Chicago

It can be traumatic to simply drop a dog off at a boarding facility. A dog’s entire world often revolves around the daily activities of his owners and being around them. Suddenly being separated with no preparation can cause a dog to have separation anxiety. It can also be difficult for a dog to be around other animals he is not used to. To make this time in a pet’s life easier, a pet owner should get his dog used to being around the facility. A pet owner can request that his dog be brought to the facility a few times for about an hour per visit. It’s a good idea for a dog to be allowed to roam around a bit to become familiar with the surroundings.

It’s beneficial for a pet owner to adjust his pet’s routine to that of the boarding facility beforehand. Asking for a schedule of daily activities from the boarding facility will help with this. A pet owner may have to feed his dog earlier or later than usual. Also, it’s favorable to get a dog accustomed to walking with a leash if he is not already used to it. This may take some time, so this task should be started a few weeks before the dog goes into the boarding facility.

Dog boarding in Chicago can give a pet owner the chance to take care of business away from home or just go on vacation. It can also give a pet the opportunity to get used to other animals and surroundings. For more information on pet boarding, talk to an experienced dog trainer at Chicago Canine Academy or click here to visit this business’s website. This business offers many pet services including training, boot camp, boarding, and daycare.

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