Get Your Packaging Solutions Right


Get the right packaging solutions for your business. Here are top tips to help you work out which options suit the needs of your organization.

Consider the items for delivery

What kind of items are you shipping? Are you packing up small breakables? Go for small or standard boxes. If you’re packing up oversized items, you’ll need to go from standard to extra-large shipping boxes. By finding the right packaging solution, you can protect your products during transit and prevent any damage.

Go for utility packaging

Once you decide on your packaging options, you’ll need to consider two options. Do you want to choose packaging that’s focused on utility or one on branding? The first one will mean going for plain, no-frills packaging. That usually means a standard brown cardboard box along with any filler that’s necessary to provide ample protection for whatever items you’re shipping off to your customers.

Pick branded packaging

Unique packaging makes a statement. It can help your business stand out. If you’re starting out, then this can help you promote awareness of your brand and business, Big Commerce says, with every stage of the delivery process opening up opportunities for potential customers to see your packaging, find out about your brand and check out your site, products and services. That can contribute to high conversions and sales.

Shop for a supplier

Look for a reputable supplier that offers a range of options: standard, medium, large and even extra-large shipping boxes. Consider the reputation of the supplier before anything else. Is it trustworthy? How many years has it been in business? What kind of packaging solutions does it offer? In what industries do many of the supplier’s clients come from? This will help you determine if you’ve got the right packaging solutions provider on your list.