Get the Visual Aides You Need for Your Classroom


There are several tactics you can use to make an impact when you’re teaching students. Ensuring the students have a visual representation of the concepts you’re teaching can be especially effective. Classroom letter cutouts are one of the best ways to do this. VariQuest offers several cutouts to choose from, along with other educational tools that will make classroom time more engaging.

Classroom letter cutouts can be applied to the walls, the door or the chalkboard and used to help children remember how to spell words. The cutouts can also be used to label sections of the classroom designated for reading, real-life play or science experiments. Teachers can even encourage students to use the laminated classroom letter cutouts themselves to form words and sentences. VariQuest offers the Cutout Maker 1800, which is a quality die-cut maker teachers can use to create the letters and words of their choice. The machine is also great for cutting out images that will add to the visual appeal of classroom banners and class door decor.

VariQuest also offers different types of software to make academic lessons come to life. Teachers can use the software to create colorful posters and banners to decorate the classroom or print awards for students who have achieved certain academic and social milestones. Educators can also try the 3D printer from VariQuest to make lessons more tangible for students. The printer is ideal for emphasizing science and math concepts and can easily be incorporated into a school’s curriculum in accordance with city and state mandates.