Get Help With Your Divorce in Kannapolis NC


The assistance of an attorney in the process of separation, divorce and an annulment is mandatory. You cannot file for divorce without being assisted by counsel. It is not necessary that the lawyer deals in family law, although it is advisable they do so. Bar associations offer guidance to what fees practicing lawyers’ should charge, but the attorney will ultimately decide their fees. Divorce in Kannapolis NC is never an easy road, so get the help you need by hiring a lawyer.

What is the role of the lawyer?

A lawyer is your adviser, representative and counsel. They will keep you up-to-date on your situation (both personally and financially), inform you about possible solutions, etc. Also, they will draft the various documents that need to be submitted to the court. Finally, during the hearings, they will be at your side and will assist and defend your claims in court.

How to choose an attorney?

You are free to choose whatever lawyer will assist in the process. You are not required to choose a lawyer in the city or town where the divorce takes place. However, if you choose a lawyer who does not belong to your State Bar, it will greatly affect the cost of your divorce. However, do not rule this solution out if you live far from where the Divorce in Kannapolis NC takes place. Indeed, it is better to have an attorney close to you so you can stay in contact with them easily.

Do I have to hire a lawyer who works in matrimonial law?

No, you are not obligated to, but it is advisable to hire an attorney to take care of divorce issues, because they know this field well. You will get more advantages and benefits when hiring a divorce lawyer than a general lawyer.

How much are the services of a lawyer?

It’s hard to say what the exact cost of a lawyer is because there are many elements of your case that are not known until the beginning of the process. It is best to talk to your lawyer about the cost during a consultation. The lawyer, in turn, has an obligation to inform you about the conditions of your case and on how to determine their fees, which must be predictable and transparent.