What Would I Get if All I Asked For Was A Gm Speedometer Repair?


Possibly, the best that you would get would be looks of bafflement from whomever it was that you put the question to. They would easily guess that you are talking automobiles and that you meant GM (for General Motors Company and not genetically modified). Assuming that you were talking to someone connected to the motor trade; they would, obviously know what a speedometer is; but, from that point on, communication would break down. It is likely to remain so; unless and until, you manage to provide them with a lot more information regarding your real and actual requirement.

How Many Automobiles Have Been Manufactured?

Other than answering “a huge amount”; I have no idea of the total number ever made; let alone, how many of them are still around today. I do know that most of them would have been fitted with some sort of speedometer; I also know that GM’s first cars came out at the start of the 1900’s and that (today) they manufacture in 37 countries using 10 marques, including Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Cadillac, Opel, Holden, Vauxhall, and 4 others from East Asia. Each marque has its own range of models; each in a number of variations. Many times, GM has been the world’s largest manufacturer; so, a high proportion of the world’s cars and their speedometers are likely to be from GM.

So, Which GM Vehicle Do You Have?

Are you looking for a standalone speedometer or one that is part of a cluster? Is it for a relatively new vehicle that you are still driving; or, is it for something really old that you are trying to restore? Presumably you know the vehicle’s full GM brand and model name and which part of the range the model is from and, very importantly, its original year of manufacture.

Instead of saying – “I want a Gm Speedometer Repair”; you now say that you have a malfunctioning speedometer cluster from a 2001 GMC Sierra C3, all wheel drive pickup with the 6 litre Vortec 6000 LQ4 V8 engine; they will be able to talk details with you regarding its repair or replacement. Maybe, all you need is a minor Gm Speedometer Repair; or, maybe you need a new mother board for the electronics; but, you can be sure that the possible source now knows what you are talking about.