Get an Order of Protection to Stop Domestic Violence in Mays Landing, NJ


Those who are stuck in an abusive relationship often can’t find a way out. It can be impossible for a person to finally break free and to feel like they’re safe from the abusive partner. While it doesn’t completely protect someone who has experienced domestic violence in Mays Landing, NJ, an order of protection can be useful as it can give them the ability to contact law enforcement for help before something happens.

An order of protection is simply a document that states the person who received the order cannot have any contact with the person who obtained it. The victim of the abuse can make sure the abuser understands they do not want to be contacted at all. Once there is a temporary order in place, the victim can contact law enforcement if the other person appears at their home, work, or anywhere else listed on the order of protection and refuses to leave. There may be other conditions covered in the order of protection that can allow the victim to contact law enforcement if they believe it’s necessary. If the abuser is found to have violated the order, they will be arrested.

The person can typically obtain a temporary order quickly. However, they’re going to need to go to court to obtain a permanent order that lasts one year or more. This hearing doesn’t require the use of a lawyer, but it’s often a good idea. At the very least, having a lawyer allows the victim to feel more comfortable as they’ll have someone on their side and speaking for them when they face their abuser in the courtroom. If the permanent order of protection is granted, the lawyer can explain the victim what the abuser can and cannot do, and what the victim can do if the order is violated.

While an order of protection can’t make someone completely safe, they do give the person extra protection against domestic violence in Mays Landing, NJ that might help them tremendously. For more information on how an order of protection works, or to get help for filing one or going to the hearing to obtain a permanent one, contact the the Law Office of Mark D. Kargman today.