General Stores, Specialty Stores and Hybrid Stores

by | Aug 27, 2012 | Home And Garden

Tile stores in cities across the country like San Antonio provide a valuable option in home decor and construction. Tile flooring may not be as trendy as wood floors but it has some strong advantages over wood and carpet flooring. The primary advantage is the durability provided by ceramic or other tile, as compared to carpet or even wood flooring. The purpose of this article isn’t to praise the virtues of tiles, but instead talk about the value of tile stores, or full service flooring stores in cities like San Antonio.

Markets have gone in two directions simultaneously and it has produced some interesting results. General stores have arisen in ways not previously thought of. There are now stores that sell just “food” not a specific type of food, not just green grocers or just dairy products but all foods in a general way. At the same time there are now high end specialty butchers or specialty fruit stands that sell very specialized products to a small portion of the market.

What does this have to do with tile stores in San Antonio? Or flooring stores? It’s because it’s an evolution of the market where you can get some flooring options in a general home décor store, or home improvement warehouse but not enough for more discerning customers. At the same time they tend not to be super specialized where only the very wealthy can get what they want there, or that they only carry a few obscure items. They fill a sort of hybrid role of being both general enough to appeal to a broad swath of people, but at the same time being focused enough to cater to people with more specific needs and demands. A good comparison would be to a guitar store, there are music instrument stores that will carry a few guitars, but someone interested in putting serious money down on an instrument wants to talk to someone who knows about them and wants to go somewhere with a larger selection.

The same is true of tile stores in San Antonio; the basic appeal is selection and expertise. By not specializing too much flooring and tile stores can provide a lot of options but because they’re still focused on just one element of home décor the staff will be knowledgeable and their selection deep. That’s part of what’s great about living in a city like San Antonio though, is that because there’s enough local population it means tile stores that are a bit more specialized like this can exist, it’s not just the general stores. At the same time since the population is big enough it also draws in these hybrid stores and you’re not reliant on just what the local contractors have connections for.

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