General Information About Termites in Irvine

Pest Control

If you have a home, office, or other structure, care needs to be taken to protect it from termite damage. Doing this will help to sustain the integrity of the structure as well as the market value of the place. Termites in Irvine are a group of insects that organize themselves to the highest degree when interacting with other insects and animals. These pests live in colonies that consists of hundreds to millions of other termites. Some of the types of termites in a colony include nymphs, soldiers, and workers. These insects live in groups that are self-organized and decentralized. This allows them to swarm when taking advantage of food sources and environments such as houses.

There are about 3,000 species of Termites in Irvine. These social insects function by working with one another to raise their young and build colonies. Their bodies tend to be moist, so their bodies won’t dehydrate. Most termites build nests, but the methods vary depending on the species of termite. Some termites construct their homes in the food they are consuming. Scientists group these insects by the wood they consume: damp wood, dry wood, or rotten wood. Termites can also build mounds that can reach six feet in height or taller. These mounds are very strong and are often built from soil particles and termite excrement that is glued together with termite saliva.

One of the first signs of an invasion of termites is the presence of a swarm. Finding alates, the winged form of a termite, is a crucial sign that your home is sheltering these troublesome pests. If you are inspecting the outside your home and find termites in a nearby tree, the infestation might not have reached your area yet. Decayed wood is another sign of termite presence. In addition, finding wings in your home is a general sign of an infestation since termites shed their wings after a swarm.

You can help to prevent an infestation of these wood-eating insects by calling a reputable pest control service for regular treatments. To garner more information, please Visit us website. By doing this, you can protect your investment in your home or building.