Garage Door Service in McKinney by Rhino Garage Doors


Garage doors break from lack of maintenance. A garage doors is a large moving part of the home, and it has several moving parts that need routine maintenance. This is often neglected by the homeowner because they generally do not know how to perform the routine maintenance. A garage door should be inspected by an expert every year to prevent failures from lack of maintenance, or to replace parts that appear too old to function properly. The experts at Rhino Overhead Doors know how to perform the required maintenance that involves the following:

The Garage Door Rollers Fail.

Older garage doors have steel rollers that require lubrication and cleaning. It is easy for dust and other debris to attach to the rollers and cause them to become very noisy and even bind up. Steel rollers can rust causing the rollers to fail. Nylon rollers are a btter choice because they are quieter and they do not rust, but nylon rollers also need maintenance. Replacing steel rollers with nylon rollers is a job for an expert repair technician from garage door service in McKinney.

The Torsion Spring Fails

The torsion spring does the heavy work of opening a garage door, and they fail from lack of maintenance and long-term usage. The torsion spring should be lubricated and inspected by an expert. The torsion spring can be a deadly device and only a qualified technician should attempt to replace it. The torsion spring is the most important part of the opening mechanism, because when it fails the garage door cannot even be opened manually. Some torsion springs need to be adjusted to ensure that they operate properly. Only an expert repair technician from the garage door service in McKinney should adjust a torsion spring.

The Tracks Fail.

The roller tracks that enable the garage door to raise and lower can become misaligned. They can also break and come detached from their wall anchors. When this happens, the garage door places a lot of tension on other parts including the opener. All three sections of the track must be in complete alignment with the opposite three.


Every moving part should be lubricated with a special garage door lubricant. The professional garage door service in McKinney will know exactly what lubricants to use. This should be done annually.