Garage Door Installation in Palm Bay FL

Garage Doors

There is no other state quite like Florida; beautiful sandy beaches, miles of coastline, lush greenery and exotic wildlife all give the state that sense of wonder that draws crowds of people to the peninsula. Unfortunately, all of these factors also have a negative effect on structures. Hurricane force winds, high levels of humidity and dangerous creatures can all damage your property. This is why you cannot afford to install a cheap flimsy garage door. Garage doors often provide entry into the home and protect your belongings and vehicles. This is why you need a professional who is experienced installing garage doors in Palm Bay FL to recommend the best door for your home and to perform a high quality job. Here are a few highly recommended doors and things to look for in a contractor.

Picking the Right Company

Whether you are replacing an old door or finishing off your newly built home, you want to be sure that the job gets done correctly with optimal products. First and foremost you need to ensure that the company you hire has many years of experience in garage doors installation in Palm Bay FL. A contractor with more experience will have lived through the evolution of garage door products and has seen what doors hold up to the weather in this area. If you do not have the right products installed or the work isn’t of the best quality, the next tropical storm could demolish your newly purchased door.

Wind Rated Storm Doors

The rest of the country may have the luxury of installing regular garage doors, but those in Florida do not. Floridians need heavy duty garage doors that will stand up to gale force winds and flying debris during a tropical storm.

* Raynor- Raynor offers Miami Dade certified windload doors that are sure to stand up to the weather. They offer superior products and even allow the customer to design their own

* U.S. Door- U.S. door offers some of the most heavy duty garage doors on the market today. In a laboratory their doors where able to withstand winds over 140MPH. During hurricane Andrew, U.S. Door’s products proved to be the most reliable garage doors during a hurricane.

* Amarr- Amarr garage doors provide comparable protection while providing a more stylish design.

Paradise Garage Door has been installing storm rated garage doors for over 40 years. They are a dealer of all the previous mentioned garage doors in Palm Bay FL.