Your Future Could Depend on Your DWI Defense Lawyer in Rockwell TX


Not all crimes are committed by “career criminals”. Sometimes the average person on the street with a job, family, and decent lifestyle gets caught up in some criminal act either unaware or due to a one-time occurrence. Driving while intoxicated falls under this category of crimes. If you are charged with a DWI in Texas you stand to lose your driver’s license, pay costly court costs and fines, or even land in jail without a DWI defense lawyer in Rockwall TX on your side.

Your very future at work, home, and in society in general is at stake when it comes to a criminal record of any kind. Every situation is different, so your lawyer has to perform research and discovery to help defend you. No one should even consider representing themselves in a DWI case. A lawyer can help prevent problems with a criminal record and possibly even get your fingerprints and arrest record destroyed when the circumstances warrant it. A criminal lawyer in Rockwall TX will fight for your rights and will be unrelenting when it comes to getting your DWI charge reduced or dismissed. Without quality legal representation, you stand to lose a lot. Don’t allow one mistake to ruin your future and reputation with your family and community.

If you are thinking it costs a lot of money to retain a DWI defense lawyer in Rockwall TX, you may be right. However, you can choose a lawyer that offers no money down and affordable payment plans. That is how you get quality representation without breaking your bank account. You have nothing to lose with a free initial consultation about your case. A good defense and legal experience are the factors you need to help with your DWI case.

If you, or someone you know has been charged with a DWI case, consult with an attorney before you try to represent yourself. The fees you pay an attorney are an investment in your future, not wasted money. The Law Offices of Tim Hartley Rockwall TX can help you make sense of the charges, explain how the process works, guide you through the process, more than adequately defend you, and help reduce or even dismiss your DWI charge. The sooner you get help, the better chance you have in these cases. Visit website name for more details.