Furnace Won’t Turn On? Call an Expert for Furnace Repair in Houston, TX

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Winter nights can be cold when a furnace stops working. Families with small children or elderly grandparents know it’s important to get the heat turned back on. They can rely on companies that perform furnace repair in Houston, TX. Many of them are available 24 hours a day to answer the phone and get the heat back on. Since the parts store isn’t open at 2 am, it’s important that the technician arrive at the house with a repair van stocked with the commonly needed parts. He therefore has the skills to diagnose problems and the parts to fix them quickly. Homeowners can relax knowing that he will work quickly and that they aren’t facing a surcharge because it’s a night visit.

A gas furnace needs a lot of air to efficiently use the heat exchanger. It’s the heat exchanger than turns cold air into warm air. When the air filter is dirty, there isn’t enough air in the system and the heat exchanger overheats. The furnace shuts off the burners and turns on the cooling fans to reduce the temperature of the heat exchanger. When the system is cooled it attempts to fire up again. However, because the air filter hasn’t been cleaned or replaced, the same thing happens again. Manufacturers limit the number of times this can occur. Usually after four attempts, the furnace will not restart until it has been serviced.

Repeated overheating of the heat exchanger can also damage the high-limit switch. This is a simple furnace repair in Houston, TX for the technician. He will simply remove the retaining screws and pull it out of the heat exchanger. He will take a new one from the service van and easily replace it. Homeowners should watch the technician replace or clean the air filter. During peak heating season, the air filter should be changed at least once a month.

Regular maintenance can reduce many emergency visits. In addition to making sure that the air filters are clean, the technician will look for any frayed belts or corroded sensors. Business Name. is one of the companies that repairs furnaces in the Houston region.