Full Restorations with Professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing in West Hartford, CT


Getting truly satisfying results with your hardwood can be a major challenge without proper equipment and even without enough knowledge of the process. It can also be rather time-consuming, but as long as you take that time and use excellent equipment, the final result is a total transformation.

Professional hardwood floor refinishing services offer professional-grade equipment along with reliable expertise and deliver an exceptional refinish that restores your floors back to their original shine.

What You Can Expect

Once your refinishers get an idea of what they’re working with, they can determine to what extent they need to apply the finishes. Hardwood floor refinishing in West Hartford, CT may include as many as three coats or more, depending on the condition of the floor and the request of the homeowner.

However, that certainly isn’t all that they are good for, and if your hardwood has been damaged by water or something else, your floor refinishers can take care of that as well. Hardwood floor refinishing is a comprehensive service that aims for total floor restoration so that you can fall in love with your beautiful hardwood floor once again.

Satisfying Restorations Using State-of-the-Art Equipment

Traditional methods of hardwood floor refinishing might have created a major mess and severely damaged your home’s air quality by spewing dust and other particles into the air. This winds up triggering aggressive allergies, harming furniture, and forcing you into extra cleaning duties.

New technologies have made this a thing of the past, and you can find out more information about dustless hardwood finishing machines that keep the mess under control. Using state-of-the-art equipment operated by highly experienced professionals, your hardwood floors will undergo a dramatic and extremely satisfying transformation.