Frequently Asked Questions About Roof Inspection Service In Pewaukee WI


There are many reasons you may need a roof inspection including buying or selling a home, after a hailstorm or for preventive maintenance. If you’ve never had your roof inspected before, you may be wondering how it’s done. Read the frequently asked questions below before you contact a Roof Inspection Service in Pewaukee WI so you’ll know what to expect.

What does a professional look for when inspecting a roof?

During a roof inspection, a certified contractor will examine the shingles on your roof and look for any kind of damage. Types of shingle damage may include cracked, missing or loose shingles and granule loss. The professional will also check out the condition of the flashing, eaves, gutters and dormers.

Will the inspector fill out any paperwork after the roof inspection?

After the professional inspects your roof, you’ll be given a detailed report about the condition and integrity of your roof. Any damage to the roof will be noted on the report so you’ll know if there are any problems with your roof.

Will the contractor fix the roof if there are any damages?

If there are any damages to your roof, the contractor who performs Roof Inspection Service in Pewaukee WI won’t make the repairs the same day as the inspection. Before repairing your roof, the contractor will have to determine the cost of the materials and labor to repair your roof. After the contractor fills out the paperwork detailing the repairs and fees, you’ll be given a copy of the document. If you agree with the contract, you can sign it and the contractor can begin repairing your roof.

How long does it take for a professional to perform a roof inspection?

The time it takes for a contractor to inspect a roof varies depending on the size, pitch and shape of the roof. Most of the time, roof inspections will take from one to two hours to complete.

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