Frequently Asked Questions About Tooth Decay And General Dentistry In Keizer OR


Tooth decay is a typical issue that dentists often find when examining a patient’s teeth. It’s not uncommon for both children and adults to have cavities, and that’s why it’s so important that people of all ages have regular dental checkups. Read the frequently asked questions below to learn more about cavities and how a dentist who performs General Dentistry in Keizer OR can help with tooth decay.

Q.) How does a general dentist detect tooth decay?

A.) When you visit a dentist that specializes in General Dentistry in Keizer OR for a routine checkup and cleaning, the dentist may order X-rays to be taken of your teeth. By reading the x-rays, the dentist can see any cavities in teeth. A dentist can also find cavities by pressing on your teeth with the pointed end of a dental instrument during an examination. If a tooth feels soft as the dentist touches it with the instrument, this signifies tooth decay.

Q.) What does a dentist do if a cavity is found in a tooth?

A.) To fix a hole in a patient’s tooth, a dentist will place a filling in the hole in the tooth. A dentist who performs General Dentistry in Keizer OR will first drill out the decayed parts of the tooth. Next, the dentist press the tooth, adds the tooth filling material and then shapes the tooth so that it’s comfortable for the patient.

Q.) What types of materials are dental fillings made from?

A.) A filling can be made out of various substances including amalgam, composite resin and gold. Amalgam is made up of multiple metals including silver, zinc and copper. This is the least expensive option for a filling and after the dentist who specializes in General Dentistry in Keizer OR has filled the tooth, you’ll see the silver material filling in the opening. Composite resin is made out of a combination of plastic and glass. This material is the same color as a tooth, so it’s not noticeable like an amalgam filling. A patient can also choose to have a gold filling placed in a tooth cavity, and this material costs more than amalgam and composite resin.

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