A Free Initial Consultation Can Answer Questions About the Wage And Hour Law

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When an employee has been dealing with problems getting paid for all the hours he works, he may want to consult a lawyer for help. His employer may have been requiring employees to put in a small amount of extra time on a regular basis while being unwilling to pay them for this overtime. Employees may be uncertain about what to do since they fear being fired if they don’t comply. A Wage And Hour Law is in effect, however, and is intended to protect workers from this type of situation.

An example of a job in which an employee might find himself putting in extra time for free is grocery store deli work. The store manager may want the deli workers to continue serving customers up until the time the deli counter closes for the night, at which time the employees are supposed to clock out. The problem with this setup is the lack of time allotted for cleanup after closing the counter. Employees try to do cleanup while the deli is still open, but this tends to be problematic. If they clock out and leave the workspace messy, they will be reprimanded by the manager. However, they are not allowed to add extra time to their work schedule. The Wage And Hour Law does not allow employers to require hourly workers to put in unpaid time, but some employers take advantage of their workers.

It is safe to say that most employers are reputable and treat their employees fairly. Occasionally, however, a manager or business owner tries to cut corners and get something for nothing. In today’s uncertain economy, the person in power knows that low-paid employees are unlikely to protest very much, as they do not want to be back out looking for work. A law firm such as Filteau & Sullivan offers a free initial consultation so individuals can learn more about their rights in the workplace. The attorneys evaluate the situation thoroughly. They can help create a plan of action so the employee is paid for all the hours he works. Further information is available at the website.