Four Things to Know About Hair Extensions in Phoenix


Countless people suffer from thin, short hair that doesn’t seem to grow no matter what they try. For those suffering, hair extensions can be added to increase the length and volume of their hair. Hair Extensions in Phoenix can be applied by a hair restoration company. Before having the process completed, there are four important things to know about extensions.

A Consultation Should Be Completed

Before any extensions are put in, a consultation should be completed. This will allow potential clients to look at the extensions and learn more about them before deciding to have them put in their hair. It will also allow them to see which styles and colors are available, and find one that most closely resembles the hair they have.

Long Lasting Results

Many people are unaware of how long extensions can actually last. When applied professionally, hair extensions have long lasting results. On average, most hair extensions can remain in place for at least 3 months, and typically up to 6 months. It just depends on the level of care, and the application process used.

Shampoo Every Few Days

Hair typically needs to be shampooed every day or two as it becomes oily and dirty fast. With hair extensions in place, the shampoo will only need to be applied every few days. It does not become dirty as quickly as regular hair does.

Styling is Allowed

Some might think that with hair extensions in place, the hair can not be styled as usual. It would seem that straighteners and curling irons should be avoided. This is not actually the case. Extensions can be styled as regular hair would. Curling, straightening, perming, and other styling techniques are all allowed with hair extensions in.

Hair Extensions in Phoenix are ideal for those suffering from short or thinning hair. Once people discover what extensions are and how they work, many of them choose to utilize this hair restoration method for themselves. Dontes Hair Restoration applies extensions to those who need them, usually after a consultation is completed. Visit the Site to find out more about extensions and the application process.