The Four-Step Process For Weight Loss In New Haven


In Connecticut, all great diet and exercise programs require discipline. They also require the individual to undergo a full medical assessment. This evaluation allows a health care professional to determine if any existing conditions are preventing him or her from losing weight. They also identify if the patient’s diet is producing adverse results.

The Four-Step Process
After the initial medical examination, the patient begins ketosis. It is through this process that the patient utilizes protein in place of high-calorie foods. A protein-based diet burns off faster than carbohydrates. This allows the body to burn off fat stored for energy.

Patients receive vitamin supplements to address any deficiencies caused by this change. In some cases, the clinicians may prescribe an appetite suppressant to help the patient transition. This prevents them from overeating and deviating from the program. The ketosis phase lasts up to twelve weeks.

Transitioning to the Next Level
Programs for Weight Loss New Haven help the patient transition. This includes lifestyle changes that are conducive to maintaining a healthy weight. These changes are vital to receiving the full benefit from the program.
It also helps them to address body issues caused by weight loss. This may include loose skin or muscular changes that require exercise changes. This could involve cosmetic surgery as well.

Maintaining Your Goal Weight
The maintenance phase lasts up to nine months. It allows the patient to utilize the principles learned in the program. This includes menu planning, exercise, and emotional health, which attribute to staying fit. It teaches them to stick to healthier habits to prevent weight gain. A combination of these concepts prevents backslides, which could cause negative habits.

Clearly-defined programs help patients to overcome their weight obstacles. This requires them to identify an underlying cause for these problems. It also allows them to acquire the support, they need to remain healthy and motivated.

A full assessment in the beginning phases helps them understand the role they play. It also addresses diet issues, which have prevented them from losing weight in the past. If you wish to discover more about Weight Loss New Haven, you can contact Medical Weight Loss Solutions and schedule an appointment.