Four Reasons to Consider a Hydraulic Pump Rebuild in Joliet Illinois


Business owners who use hydraulic equipment may eventually have a hydraulic pump fail on them. When that happens, they have three choices – repair the pump, replace it, or rebuild it. The best thing companies can do is rebuild their hydraulic pump. This blog post provides for reasons companies should consider a Hydraulic Pump Rebuild in Joliet Illinois.

It’s Less Expensive to Rebuild a Hydraulic Pump

A hydraulic pump rebuild costs about half as much as purchasing a new hydraulic pump. Repairs may be cheaper in the beginning, but it won’t take long for the hydraulic pump to start having problems again. In the long run, it’s cheaper to rebuild a hydraulic pump than it is to repair it.

Rebuilds are High Quality

Even though rebuilt equipment has been used before, it provides a lot of value. When a repair person rebuilds a hydraulic pump, they replace the seals and bearings, and other parts of the pump that may need to be replaced. They also look at other parts of the pump to determine how much longer they’ll last and replace any parts that are damaged beyond repair. They also refurbish any parts that can be refurbished.

Rebuilds Have Shorter Lead Times

If a company needs their hydraulic pump repaired or replaced quickly, it takes less time to rebuild a hydraulic pump than it does to replace it. It may take a few weeks to receive a new hydraulic pump; however when a repair shop rebuilds it, the process usually only takes a few days, maybe a little longer if they have to order a part that’s needed.

Rebuilds are Better For the Environment

Repairing a hydraulic pump takes a lot of work; a lot of the work involved can have serious impacts on the environment. When a company has a hydraulic pump rebuilt, however, only a few smaller parts may need to be replaced. This significantly reduces the amount of energy needed to rebuild the pump.

These are the reasons companies should consider rebuilding a hydraulic pump instead of replacing or repairing it. When looking at places to get a Hydraulic Pump Rebuild in Joliet Illinois, companies should consider price, as well as the experience of the workers, then make their choice from different companies, whether they choose Miller Hydraulic Service Inc or someone else.