For that Extra Level of Clean in Your Hospital: Disposable Curtains


Nothing will make your hospital look more unsanitary than dirty cubicle curtains. Even when they are clean, fabric cubicle curtains can take on a dingy, tattered appearance after time that can give patients and their families the idea that your facility is not the safe or germ-free place that they would like for it to be. There is however a solution that is budget friendly, easy to install and change out, and that will not adversely impact the environment. The solution? Disposable hospital curtains.

Among the many advantage of disposable hospital curtains is the fact that they can be installed on your current curtain tracks without any need for adaptations or new track installation. In addition, disposable hospital curtains meet the same fire retardant standards as traditional cloth curtains. Most importantly, however, disposable hospital curtains will provide your patient rooms, ER cubicles, and surgical recovery bays with the clean, crisp look you would want to see in any environment where the utmost in hygiene is a must.

Research has shown that when used in conjunction with an overall commitment to cleanliness and sustainability, disposable hospital curtains can lower healthcare associated infection (HAI) rates such as those associated with staphylococcus and clostridium dificile. If you can reduce your HAI rates with the simple installation of disposable hospital curtains, it is well worth the effort.

In addition to the health benefits afforded with the use of disposable hospital curtains, you will find that the curtains are extremely easy to manage and use, gliding effortlessly along your existing tracks. And, when it comes time to change the curtains out, they are easily removed from the tracks with the new curtains being just as easy to change out. Because they meet the same standards as traditional curtains, are as functional and easy to use, but provide the added level of HAI control while offering a look of crisp, clean, freshness, you will wonder why your hospital did not switch to disposable curtains sooner.

Plus, because traditional curtains must be changed out on a routine basis as well, disposable curtains can actually end up being more cost effective when you factor in repair and cleaning costs associated with traditional curtains. And, each disposable curtain comes with a self-auditing label so it is extremely easy to track when it is time to change your hospital curtains out.

Whether you are looking to install hospital curtains in your burn unit that will be more sanitary, would like to switch to disposable curtains throughout your entire hospital, want to utilize curtains that are easier on the environment, or are concerned about all of these issues, disposable hospital curtains will benefit you and your institution.

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