Floor Heating Systems: Efficient, Quiet, Healthy


In-floor heating, sometimes called radiant heat, is one of the most efficient methods of providing warmth in your home. The system uses tubing that is installed out of sight in the floor, through which heated water flows. This is a vast improvement over traditional forced-air heating, making it an excellent choice for new homes and for those times when a complete remodel is in the plans. To put it simply, floor heating systems are a smart choice.

Clean, Even Heat

Contact the experts at Southsideplumbingandheating.com to learn more about how you can have cleaner, safer, and more efficient heating. Heat is applied directly beneath the floor, requiring less energy for comfort, which saves you money on your energy bill. This type of heat is not only out of sight but it’s also quiet. You benefit from extremely quiet operation and have no floor layout restrictions for vents, etc.

You, your family members, and your guests also enjoy cleaner and healthier air because there is no flow of warmed air into the room. This can significantly reduce allergens and contaminants in the air that you breathe. Floor heating systems are, above all, very comfortable. The level of comfort comes from the consistent delivery of warmth over a larger area.

There’s More

Radiant heating systems can provide steady and consistent heat from the floor, walls, or ceiling with great efficiency. The heat (thermal energy) transfers between physical systems rather than having the system rely on distribution of warmed air. This is a popular choice for allergy sufferers and is also quite popular because of its silent operation. If any of these conditions or situations apply, you might want to consider floor heating systems for your property.

While you may find this type of system a bit more costly up front, you’ll recover your investment in short order because this method is up to 40% more efficient than forced air.