Does Fleet Tracking Infringe Privacy?


You call it fleet tracking and, if you are managing a fleet of transport vehicles, you can claim that this is not only necessary but it also a good thing, How could your fleet be running efficiently, and providing good service to the clients and profits for the owners, if no one knows where most of the vehicles are at any given time?

Others may get hot under the collar and cry – “invasion of privacy by surveillance”. But, how else can you tell where a vehicle is other than by surveillance? Surveillance means to put something or somebody under close observation; which, of itself, is neither good nor bad. The reason for deciding to instigate surveillance and the use to which you put the information gained from it; these can definitely be either good or suspect.

Who Are You Really Tracking?

The hardware devices which conduct the surveillance used for Fleet Tracking are positioned on the vehicle and only relay data on the vehicle’s location back to the fleet manager; it is not as though the driver is being bugged or personally subjected to hidden video cameras. Since it is the driver’s job to drive a vehicle from “A” to “B”, how is his privacy compromised if someone else follows the trucks progress by remote surveillance – usually through GPS location and wireless monitoring?

The problem comes when Fleet Tracking reveals a vehicle to be considerably off its intended route and schedule; or, it shows that the vehicle has been stationary for an unreasonably long time. These anomalies can throw the whole fleet operation into chaos unless prompt corrective action can be taken. With Fleet Checking, management can see an anomaly as it develops and make decisions to avert any future problems that could arise.

Tracking Is Not A Way Of Handing Down Blame

An operational anomaly can be caused my many factors; often relatively small incidents combining together to become a major obstacle. With vehicle Fleet Tracking, the driver should be pleased to know that the boss is fully aware of the heavy traffic conditions that have reduced his progress to a snail’s pace. Without Fleet Tracking, the boss could easily have accused the driver of deliberately stopping for an unauthorized meal break or, worse, pulling over and going to sleep. Rather than invading the driver’s privacy, surveillance has come to his protection.

If you are responsible for the operation of a number of vehicles; you need Fleet Tracking to keep on top of their movements and locations. Vehicle Tracking Solutions LLC can advise you on systems that best suit your needs and supply the whole package from the GPS on the vehicle through to the picture on the screen in your office. Call them on 631-586-7400 to discuss their risk free, 30 day, trial.