Fix Your Transmission At An Auto Parts Repair Shop In Johnson County


Cars are delicate pieces of equipment made with a great deal of precision that allows them to run efficiently. Because of the amount of usage our vehicles get, most cars experience a lot of wear and tear. Some of the parts that get the most usage or wear and tear are the brakes, the tires, the engine, and the transmission. All are vital parts to make our vehicles run. Without these parts, the vehicle won’t go anywhere. The transmission is located within the engine between the driveshaft and wheels. A manual transmission is operated by what’s known as a “stick” shift. The drive manually operates the transmission with the use of a clutch and manually switches the gears. An automatic transmission is controlled by the vehicle. The driver moves the gear shift and the driveshaft and wheels do the rest.

The way to know that your transmission is going out is if you notice the vehicle shaking or vibrating. The most common way is that the engine will “slip” which means it will fail to switch or drive. Another way to know your transmission may be going out is to notice a pinkish liquid coming out from under your vehicle. A leak doesn’t necessarily mean your transmission is going out. It could mean you have a leak somewhere in your transmission, which is still not a good thing. Don’t delay taking your vehicle for Auto Parts Repair in Johnson County. A transmission problem is a serious problem with your car. The car won’t last long and it is very expensive to fix.

Take your vehicle to a Warrensburg Collision Repair Center to check out your transmission. Not many people can fix a transmission problem on their own like they can change a tire or fix the brakes. A professional mechanic specializing in Auto Parts Repair in Johnson County will be able to properly diagnose your vehicle with diagnostic equipment and pinpoint the exact problem. They will let you know exactly what is wrong, how it needs to be fixed, and how much it will cost. A transmission job, unless it is a simple patch job, can take hours and maybe even days to repair. So be prepared to be without your vehicle for a couple of days.

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