Five Services for AC Maintenance in Kyle TX

HVAC Contractor

Keeping an air conditioner running is a goal for many, especially during those particularly hot days when the unit is all that keeps the home cool and comfortable. Getting routine maintenance on an air conditioning unit will ensure it lasts for as long as possible. AC Maintenance in Kyle TX includes at least five separate services, depending on what is needed at the time.

Cleaning the Coils

Coils inside the air conditioner can get dirty quickly. They need to regularly get cleaned, so the unit continues to run cool air. A water/detergent mix is often what gets used when cleaning the evaporate coils inside a conditioner. This maintenance option will cost more if the coils need to be fully removed to be cleaned and cannot remain in place.

Air Filter Replacement

The air filter inside the conditioner unit needs to get replaced regularly. It can fill with debris and dust and become clogged, not allowing air to pass through. The filter should be inspected often and replaced as soon as needed.

Connection Checks

There are times the unit stops working simply because a connection is faulty. Maintenance services include a simple connection check that will help determine if all connections are in fact in place of if they need to be reconnected somewhere. After re-connection, many units will continue working as intended.

Flushing Drain Lines

Drain lines within an air conditioner need to be flushed often to eliminate mold, mildew, and built up debris. A special pump may be required to get everything out if pouring a solution into the drain doesn’t flush the system.

Overall Function Check

One of the main AC services is a complete function check. The serviceman will check the entire unit and make sure lined are connected, components are clean, and everything is working as intended. With everything functioning correctly, the device should continue running cool air for a long time to come.

AC maintenance in Kyle TX ensures the air conditioner gets services properly to keep it cool and running. Preventative maintenance is highly important for any and all electronics, home devices, and systems to extend their lifespan and prevent costly repairs and replacements. Browse our website to learn more about our maintenance services and additional service offerings.