Finding the Right Environment for Senior Living in Short Hills NJ

Assisted Living

While the time may be fast approaching for giving up the family home and moving to a facility, there is no reason to see this as the end. Instead, the right type of senior living in Short Hills NJ, will be the chance for a fresh start. Here are some of the qualities that must be present if a living facility is to truly become a new home.

The Right Mixture of Independence and Support

Since people have different needs, it makes sense to focus on facilities that provide what the resident needs and still leaves plenty of room to be independent. For example, people who have a higher degree of mobility may like the idea of an apartment setting that includes a small kitchenette. When that facility also comes with a communal dining hall, there is the opportunity to prepare something at home when the mood strikes, or to check out the menu for the day and go have lunch or dinner with the other residents.

It also helps if the facility for senior living in Short Hills NJ, makes it easy for residents to come and go. This includes providing transportation for shopping or an outing once or twice each week. If driving is still possible, having parking spaces nearby is also important.

On the support side, a staff that is friendly and knows how to provide the help needed is a must. This can range from checking blood pressure to reminding residents to take their medicine. In addition, the right type of medical support on the premises will come in very handy if someone is feeling under the weather and needs to be checked on while he or she gets over some other minor ailment.

Quality Social Opportunities

Being in the right facility will mean the chance to make new friends. Finding people who like to play the same types of games, watch the same shows, or happen to like the same sports will go a long way in making the facility into a real home. There is always someone around who would enjoy a visit, the chance to take a walk, or pass the time of day with a favorite program or game.

The only way to find the ideal facility is to get out and look. Visit Inglemoor Rehabilitation & Care Center and see what they have to offer. Chances are, it will be the ideal place to settle in and enjoy the years to come.