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Are you in need of senior care for a loved one while you work? Do you go to work wondering if that person will be OK while you’re away? Your not alone. There are many families struggling with the same dilemma but there is a solution. Professional help and your much needed peace of mind are just a phone call away.
You can get Senior Care in Stamford, CT. from a reputable agency called Connecticut Companion and Home care Services. They will provide virtually every service you could possibly be in need of. Not only will they provide companionship but they also help with laundry and ironing, dusting and vacuuming. Some of the other many tasks that this Senior Care in Stamford will take on are:

1. Taking out garbage
2. Making beds
3. Shopping for groceries
4. Preparing meals
5. Cleaning the refrigerator
6. Assisting with pet care

This particular Senior Care in Stamford Ct. provides care in the family home as well as in assisted living centers, nursing homes and hospitals; also in independent housing complexes for seniors. All staff members are bonded and insured. They have a thorough state and federal background check before ever being assigned to you. Most of the staff members come with years of experience from working privately as companions in the past. Every staff member is trained to provide the quality care that you and your loved ones deserve. Wouldn’t it be nice not having to worry while your away from home? Connecticut Companion and Home care Services make getting senior care in Stamford Ct. Easy.

Some of the care services that are provided include:

1. Live-In Companion care
2. Companion for Alzheimer’s’ care
3. Companion for Autism care
4. Respite care -; for those times you just need to get away for a while
5. Although Connecticut Companion and Home-care Services provides Senior Care in Stamford Ct., they also provide other care services; in other locations in Ct. as well. Other services that are provided include:

6. A Welcome Home Program (for patients transitioning from hospitals or nursing homes back to their own homes)
7. New Baby, new mommy care
8. A Colonoscopy Program
9. Same day surgery care program

Connecticut Companion and Home care Services has locations in Stamford Ct. as well as in some of the following Connecticut locations:

1. Fairfiel
2. Ansonia
3. Derby
4. Greenwich
5. Middletown

If you want Senior Care in Stamford you should really look into Connecticut Companion and Homecare Services.

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