Finding the Perfect Injury Lawyer in Louisville


If you or a family member has been a victim of a personal injury accident, hiring the perfect Injury Lawyer in Louisville may not be the first thing on your mind. However, once lost wages and medical bills start piling up, the thought of picking an advocate to oversee the well-being of you or your family member becomes increasingly apparent. Keep the following things in mind when choosing your counsel:

1. Choose a lawyer that has experience

This is an attorney’s most valuable asset. Make sure you research their trial experience and ensure they have a proven record of winning cases.

2. Choose an attorney that bills their client on contingent fee agreements

This is better known as the, “if you don’t win your case, you owe nothing” clause. This system means that your lawyer will receive a percentage of the settlement as payment. Since you owe nothing out of pocket, go for the law firms that seem out of reach otherwise. It is never to your advantage to represent yourself.

3. Hire locally

Performing an internet search is perfect when starting your query out. Be aware, though, that some law firms will “troll” for out-of-state cases. This happens a lot online, so make sure that the attorney you choose actually practices in your area and is licensed in your state. Meet with the attorney and make sure that their knowledge concerning local and state laws is extensive as this will help support your claim.

4. Seek out skilled attorneys in your area

Choose a lawyer that has experience in the field that your claim sits in. For example, if your claim is a worker’s compensation or medical malpractice claim, make sure you choose counsel that has a proven track record in that field. These are extremely complex systems and many of these attorneys will do these fields for a living, instead of focusing on family law.

5. Ask trusted associates and friends for advice

Make sure you ask people that you trust the most for information concerning which attorney to choose. If you know people in the legal field, ask them if they know of a good Injury Lawyer in Louisville.

Never hire a lawyer because you heard their name on television or they are famous. These qualities do not mean they are qualified to represent you. Make sure that your attorney is hired because they are good for you.