Finding a Dentist in Redding


No one likes visiting the dentist, in fact about 30% of people in this country are actually afraid of the dentist. This has serious consequences as neglected teeth can be painful, get infected, erode the gum line, and promote accelerated decay in the mouth and jaw bone. What you and your family need is a dentist that can care for everyone and do so as comfortably as possible. When looking for a Dentist in Redding, you will want one that can serve the needs of you, your spouse and your children. That way you will not have to run all over town and you can get everything done for everyone in one place.

Dental practices with more than one professional are ideal for caring for everyone. One such practice, Moore & Pascarella Dental Group, caters to children, teens and adults. This is also helpful because your child can become familiar with the dentists in the practice and not be afraid to go there. Another benefit is that the dentists can confer with each other if a specific area of specialty is needed for a situation or procedure. Dental groups are also larger and can offer more services at better prices than single practice dentists can. Some even offer interest free financing for more expensive procedures. You will also want to find a Dentist in Redding that provided a wide variety of services and service delivery.

Routine exams and digital xrays are available anywhere, but if you can find a dentist that can also perform whitening procedures, apply crowns and porcelain veneers, use sedation, and provide cosmetic dental surgery, you will never have to go to another dentist. If they can straighten teeth and do dental implants for missing teeth, bridges and dentures, that is truely a one stop shop. Sedation is an area that has seen many updates, thanks to the latest technology. There is novacaine, “laughing gas”, anesthesia, and oral conscious sedation. Oral conscious sedation works for many people who have anxiety when at the dentist. They are more comfortable and more work can get done in a single visit. This allows the patient to have fewer visits, less pain and discomfort and properly care for their teeth.