Find Out How a Trained Security Officer in Fairfax VA Can Bring You Peace of Mind


In a residential, commercial, or industrial environment, a security officer can perform a number of functions, not the least of which is as a visible crime deterrent. Sometimes just the sight of a uniformed security professional or a patrol vehicle is enough to give would-be criminals second thoughts. Part of what deters criminals is the fact that today’s Security Officer in Fairfax VA is a far cry from the old stereotypical mall security guard with the beer gut and nightstick. These highly-trained professionals are likely to have a background in criminal justice, be comfortable with the latest security and communications technologies, and are proficient in firearms, self-defense, and first aid. These are not retirees; these are skilled individuals to whom this work is not just a job; it’s a career.

In addition to providing a visible presence, security guards can also handle tasks that the police don’t consider worthy of their resources; responding to alarm systems that are often false alarms and providing more in-depth investigation of property than the police can manage are just some examples of how a well-trained Security Officer in Fairfax VA can be of service to you or your business.

Every situation that calls for security services is different, so start out with a free consultation with a local security provider. You can outline your expectations and the security expert will make recommendations, based on the services required for your situation; it may be most practical to station security personnel at posts around your property, or regular patrols with detailed inspection of the grounds may be more effective. If you have video surveillance or alarms, security officers can provide mobile backup services to respond to any perceived threats. You can decide during the consultation if it would be better to have uniformed or plain clothes officers on your site, as well as how you want various situations handled; do you want the police notified under certain circumstances, or do you just want incident logs to be kept? As your needs are addressed, the security professionals may suggest methods and procedures which will be more practical or cost-effective, while still maintaining an acceptable level of security.

Whatever you security requirements, a fully-trained, certified, licensed, and insured Security Officer At National Protective Services Inc. will be able to handle it, as the company has since 1979. Long term or short term security patrols are available, depending on your needs.