Find the Best-Priced Moving and Storage Companies Near Me


Are you moving from a country home into a luxury city apartment? If you are downsizing your home, you may quickly realize that all of your furniture and personal belongings do not fit into your new residence. Moving companies understand this dilemma. This is why they now offer storage facilities paired with moving services.

When you are searching for moving and storage companies near Phoenix, you may want to search for a company close to your new home. You will have access to your storage without having to travel a long distance.

Senior Moving Services

Are you helping your parents move out of their home into an assisted living facility? Moving companies will help you pack, load, and move your items and provide a storage unit to keep your overflow safe.

Moving an elderly family member into an assisted living facility can be emotional. Instead of focusing on how to fit the couch through the door, you can spend time with your family making them more comfortable in their new home.

Moving and Storage Near Me

After searching for moving and storage companies near me, results will provide a wide range of services, rates, and availability. The key is location. If you are moving across the state or several towns away, you will not want to have to travel to access your belongings.

Storage Unit Rates

If you are moving to a more urban area, you will find that the moving and storage facilities are more costly than the outskirts. Storage units require you to pay a monthly fee. This fee may include temperature control and 24/7 locked access. However, if you are on a budget, you may want to travel a little bit further as the storage unit rates drop significantly in price.