Having a septic related emergency can often be embarrassing for any Iowa homeowner. Most of the time, a septic tank that has filled beyond its capacity will overflow into your home in any outlet it can find along the septic line. These outlets can be drains in sinks throughout the home, toilets in the bathrooms, bathtubs or showers, or even washing machines. Literally any place in your home that connects to the septic line can end up being an outlet for a backed up overflow to come back into your home through.

While many Iowa families take it upon themselves to keep their tanks emptied regularly, not everyone has that luxury due to busy work schedules or family schedules. Many septic tanks are neglected because of this, whether intentionally or not, and often need reliable Septic Tank Service in Des Moines just to work properly again once they go too long without service.

Most of the time, a simple solution for this problem would be Septic Pumping in Des Moines, Iowa to rid of the tank of the overflow and empty your septic piping. Unfortunately for many homeowners, this may not fix the immediate problem of what’s backed up in your home. When the tank overflows, a septic pipe can build up a lot of pressure from what’s trying to re-enter your home. This can cause major clogs, especially if family members have tried to flush anything down a toilet or rinsed something down a sink after the problem occurred. These clogs can often be difficult to get rid of, since many will be much larger than the typical clog many plumbers may deal with. A reliable Septic Tank Service in Des Moines can remedy this situation for you by using a pressure hose to dislodge anything inside your septic pipe as they clean your system out when they service your septic tank.

Cleaning a tank on a regular basis is important, and should be done no matter how busy your life may seem to be. The cleaning itself usually takes a short amount of time, and can often prevent future plumbing and septic related problems that can cost a lot of money from occurring.