Find Out About Parking and Pet Policies Before Renting an Apartment


You can find the perfect apartment and still have there be some minor things about it that could have a major impact on your life. Before you sign a lease on Louisiana State University off-campus housing, think about what amenities you need and what things you can afford to do without.

One major thing to consider is parking. If you depend on your automobile to get from your home to the university or to your job, it is important to know that when you get home at night, you will have a place to park your car. If your Louisiana State University off-campus housing has free parking outside or inside, that is great. If not, you may need to pay for parking elsewhere. This is something that you should factor in when considering the cost of moving to your new place.

Another consideration is whether the building will allow pets. You may love your pet, but your future landlord may not have the same sentiments. Carefully review the apartment’s pet policy prior to moving in. It is likely more complicated than just saying that you can have pets or you cannot have pets. For example, some landlords permit cats and smaller dogs, but your 90 pound German Shepherd may not be allowed. Be sure you fully understand the pet policies before signing a lease. This will prevent major problems.

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