Filing A Claim For Child Support In Suffolk County, NY


The Law Office of Alan Raymond Barr will provide you with assistance in receiving Child Support Suffolk County NY. This law firm practices within family court and may offer legal counseling in matters related to child support and more. They are additionally familiar with divorce, annulment, and parental rights cases. If you require legal counsel within these areas, you should contact this law firm to create a plan of action and file a claim in court.

Contempt of Court

A parent who fails to pay child support that is ordered by the judge in a child custody case is in contempt of court. There are penalties against this behavior and could lead to jail time for your former spouse. This is especially true if your former spouse owes you a considerable amount in previous child-support payments.

How to Proceed

To file for child support Suffolk County NY that was previously owed, you will contact your attorney that will file a motion in court to notify the judge of this failure. The court will make attempts to contact your former spouse and acquire these payments. However, if your former spouse fails to appear at the schedule hearing for your case, the judge may sign a bench warrant against him or her. If your former spouse appears at this hearing, the judge will discuss options for remedying this problem.

Paternity and Unwed Couples

If you were not married at the time that your child was born, it is probable that you do not have a court order for child support. In these cases, you may be required to prove the paternity of your child by requiring a DNA test. Once paternity is established, you may file a claim in court to receive child support.


If you are seeking Child Support Suffolk County NY, you need effective legal counsel to enable you to file a claim against your former spouse. When a parent fails to pay child support, it affects your ability to adequately support your child. In these cases, a failure to pay this support when it is ordered by the court is considered contempt of court and is considered criminal. Your attorney will file a claim in court to notify the judge of this failure and enable you to receive any previously owed child-support payments. Get in touch with The Law Office of Alan Raymond Barr for more information!