Feel Good About How You Look with Body Slimming in Frisco, Tx

Facial Spa

For some of us, looking in the mirror can be a bit of a challenge. We tend to pick at our bodies, pointing out all of the small imperfections and letting them add up to be something much larger.

But for those small things in our lives, there are treatments available that can make us feel better about ourselves. Through body slimming in Frisco, Tx, you can get rid of those small imperfections and feel good about the shape of your body again.

Body Slimming in Frisco, Tx

With new, advanced technology called high intensity pulsed electromagnetic stimulation (HI-EMT), muscles work at an increased rate to burn through fat as part of a process known as lipolysis. It is a great way to get rid of pouches and love handles without having to put in countless hours at the gym to do so.

It works by increasing body oxygenation and blood circulation first and foremost. But it also helps to reduce pain in joints and muscles, to reduce high blood pressure, and so much more.

Quick Treatments

Even better, these treatments won’t take up your entire day. They are 30 minutes in length, where your muscles can contract up to 30,000 times with high intensity and frequency. It is a great way to feel good about your body again. If you have been less than happy with what you see in the mirror, a little bit of body slimming can go a long way. For more information, please visit Figs Aesthetic Spa.