Features of the Most Popular Ice Makers


There are virtually no food service businesses that can function without some type of Ice Dispenser. Since there are so many styles and configurations available, it is crucial that you understand the features and components that are available in order to find the ice maker that best suits you and your business’s needs.

Basic Types of Ice Machines

Even though there are variations in each type, there are typically three basic styles of commercial ice machines:

* Modular Ice Machines: These are usually available in 48 inch, 30 inch or 22 inches in width and designed to sit on top of a bin, soda dispenser or ice dispenser.

* Undercounter Ice Machines: These are ideal for smaller businesses, cafes or bars that do not require very much ice.

* Countertop Ice Machines: This is a compact unit that are usually found in health care facilities and usually dispense water and ice.

Types of Ice

The next thing to understand is the different types of ice cubes that a commercial ice maker is able to produce, which will help you choose the right one for your needs.

* Cubed ice: The most common option.

* Nugget ice: More commonly referred to as chewy ice.

* Flake ice: Ice that is able to be molded into any shape and that cool rapidly.

Ice Make Compressors

Once you have determined the type of ice and the type of machine that you want, the next important feature to consider is if you want a water-cooled, remote or air-cooled compressor.

* Air Cooled: These are the most cost effective options and do not involve additional water costs. The air cooled condenser requires a minimum a six inch clearance, but make a good option for most users.

* Water Cooled: This is a better choice if any of the following conditions are present: the temperatures where the ice machine is located are over 80 degrees Fahrenheit; there are a high level of contaminates present in the air, such as grease; and the machine is being installed where there is poor air circulation or poor space.

* Remote Cooled: when a remote condenser is used for the ice machine, the condenser is air cooled and is mounted outside, typically on the roof. This makes it much quieter than the other options.

With all these considerations in mind, you can make an educated decision about the right ice maker for your needs.

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