FAQs That a Brain Injury Law Center in Brigham City, UT Can Answer

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In Utah, brain injuries are unpredictable and increase the rate of mortality. Initially, the conditions are hard to diagnose and errors are often made. Legal claims for the injuries enable the victim or family to recover financial losses. A brain injury law center in Brigham City, UT guides victims and families through the claim’s process.

The Common Effects of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Traumatic brain injuries alter the personality of the victim in some cases. The memory and cognitive function are affected most often by the injuries. The most severe injuries leave victims in a coma or can even lead to death. Victims with severe deficits require admission into a nursing home facility. Aggressive behavior patterns make it difficult for families to manage the victim’s care.

What Is a Discovery Ruling?

The discover ruling gives the victim the right to file a claim beyond the statute of limitations. The ruling indicates that a new condition was discovered and/or diagnosed at a later time. Brain injuries cause swelling, which makes it difficult for doctors to identify all related conditions.

Does the Law Make Provisions for Children?

Yes, the discover ruling applies to children who sustain personal injuries. The parents receive an extension of the statute of limitations when a minor is the victim. The legal claim is filed before the child reaches the age of majority.

What Losses Are Included in Legal Claims?

Economic damages include but are not limited to medical, long-term care, and/or funeral costs. Noneconomic damages include specific tort-based options and/or punitive damages. A medical malpractice gives the victim punitive damages to punish the doctor. Tort-based options are provided for claims such as loss of companionship, loss of support, or mental anguish.

In Utah, traumatic brain injuries are the most severe injuries of their kind. The conditions transform the victim’s personality and make it hard for families to provide care. Victims often fall into a coma due to the conditions, and some victims never recover. Victims or families that need to file a legal claim can contact a brain injury law center in Brigham City, UT through Gridley, Ward & Hamilton for an appointment today.