Family Lawyer in Albuquerque, NM Discusses Child Custody


No one likes the idea of a family having to split up. They are unfortunate realities that must be dealt with, however. With the division of the family must also come the division of other members and things of the family. There is a Family Lawyer in Albuquerque, NM who wants to tell you about the child custody procedures in New Mexico.

In the state of New Mexico, the best interest of the child from the court’s standpoint is the primary criterion used to determine custody. What constitutes the court’s definition of “best interest” is what you will need to know if you wish to retain or gain custody of your children in New Mexico. This best interest scenario includes the wishes of the parent(s), the wishes of the children, if age 14 or older, the relationship of the children involved with the parents, siblings and extended family, the children adjustment to home, school and surrounding environment, and the physical and mental health of all involved parties.

The initial assumption of the court is that joint custody would be in the best interest of children involved. However, factors that may change this view are the relationship between the children and the parents, the financial ability of the parents involved, the geographical proximity between the parents, and how well the parents will come together on the decisions involving the children. Another important factor is if there are incidents of domestic violence against the child, the other parent or any other member of the household. Any modification to a court order on child custody must be presented with proof of a material and substantial change of circumstances which negatively affects the best interests or circumstances of the children involved.

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