Family Law Attorney in Sullivan, Indiana: Understanding Emancipation

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If your child decided that they wanted to be emancipated then they would need a Family Law Attorney in Sullivan, Indiana to go through the process with them. Before you go through the process of hiring a lawyer it would be a good idea to sit down with your child and figure out what getting an emancipation means. You want to make sure your child knows what rights they have and what rights they do not have.

Typically, it is the parents or legal guardians’ responsibility to provide a child with food, clothing, and shelter until they reach the age of maturity which is either 18 or 19 depending on where they live. The parent would also be entitled to making decisions regarding their religion, their schooling, and their medical needs. When a minor becomes emancipated they would adopt all of these rights. They would be providing for themselves, choosing where they go to school, what kind of medical care they should get, and what kind of religion they should practice. The rights that an emancipated minor would not be entitled to include:

  • The right to get married without the consent of their parent
  • The right to quit going to school
  • The right to buy alcohol before they become of age
  • The right to vote or acquire a driver’s license before they become of age

Most states have their own rules and requirements when it comes to emancipation. This is why it is a good idea to contact a Family Law Attorney in Sullivan, Indiana if your child has been talking about it. Some of the most common reasons why a child would get emancipated is because they are getting married, because they had a child, or because they are going into the military. While it is rare there are some cases where a child just feels that they could take better care of themselves. Typically, a minor would need to be at least 16 with a decent job in order to get emancipated. The minor would need to be able to demonstrate that they can take care of all their needs on their own.