Facts Your Local Children’s Dentistry in Phoenixville May Provide


Your child’s dental health is one of the most important things you should be aware of. Your local Children’s Dentistry in Phoenixville will tell you that dental health can affect your overall health. In fact, you should schedule twice-yearly cleanings to ensure your child’s oral health is intact. Here are some other things you should be aware of.

How can you prevent decay in early childhood?

Several measures are important in preventing caries in early childhood. Promote breastfeeding up to, at least, 4-6 months old, put only milk or water into the bottle and offer the child food, especially during the day are great starters. You should never put sweeteners or sweet liquids in the bottle or on the pacifier, and as soon as the first tooth erupts, promote good hygiene with gauze or a soft brush, ideally after meals.

What are the causes of dental discoloration in children?

Color changes may have several causes. In addition to carious lesions, trauma is also an issue. Disturbances in the formation of enamel and dentin, poor oral hygiene or extrinsic pigment bacterial or food, for example, may lead to such disorders. Seeing your local Children’s Dentistry in Phoenixville will allow your child to be correctly diagnosed.

When must a child stop using fluoride?

Fluoride and children is a topic that has always been controversial. Given the available evidence, and in accordance with the recommendations of the ADA, fluoride toothpaste should be used according to the directions of the child’s dentist. Tablets and drops can be administered after 3 years of age if the child is at high risk of dental caries. In this situation, the tablets should be dissolved in the mouth, slowly, preferably before bedtime.

What are sealants?

A fissure sealant is a kind of ‘varnish’ that is applied in the cleft of healthy teeth in order to prevent the onset of dental caries. It is an effective remedy in terms of prevention, however, its application should be based on a risk assessment and should not be an isolated measure.

A child cannot ensure their own dental care is taken care of unless you teach them the right way first. Regular visits to the dentist can help and showing them that brushing can be fun is another way. Making oral hygiene exciting is a great way to get kids excited about brushing and flossing. With the help of Pediatric Dentistry of Phoenixville, your child learn great dental habits, for a lifetime full of healthy smiles. Contact us today for more details.