Facts On SR22 Insurance in St. Louis, MO


SR22 is not exactly an insurance policy, but rather a requirement by the law for people who have had a DUI or other driving issues that promote you to a high risk driver. The details of the SR22 vary from state to state, so you should contact your local DMV for the specifics of your state’s requirements. The following are a few facts about sr22 insurance in St. Louis MO.

Causes of SR22 Insurance

In most cases, being arrested for a DUI or reckless driving will put you at risk of having to get SR22 insurance in St. Louis, MO. The SR22 is an addendum to your current insurance, which is provided as proof of your driving responsibility. You may also be required to get SR22 insurance if you have been in a number of traffic accidents that are deemed your fault.

Acquiring Your SR22

Once the law has decreed that you have to possess a SR22 you will need to contact your current insurance provider. They will then issue you this document, which essentially is a document that proves your high risk status. This document will generally cost you a lot of money and in some cases your insurance company might not even issue you SR22’s. You can visit your state’s insurance website to find a local provider who can issue you an SR22.


Once you get the document, you will need to file it with your local DMV to prevent your licenses from being suspended due to your driving infractions. If you fail to file this document, you will be at risk of jail time if you are pulled over by law enforcement and do not have the SR22. You can contact your local insurance brokerage firm if you need help with this process.

The knowledgeable staff at associated insurance brokers will be more than able to help you through the SR22 process. They have years of knowledge in all aspects of the insurance world and have a reputation for great customer service. You can call them today and schedule a consultation so they can evaluate their ability to help you with your unique situation.