Facial Esthetics in St. Charles, IL Improve a Person’s Appearance by Enhancing their Teeth, Gums, and Jaws

by | Oct 1, 2013 | Dentist

There is a close correlation between oral health and a person’s appearance. If gum disease is left untreated it can result in lost teeth and even damage to the jaw bone. When a person loses teeth and bone mass, their facial features can change dramatically. Cheeks become sunken without teeth supporting facial muscles. Business Name professionals know how to repair and reverse the effects of dental disease. They have a variety of treatment options such as dental implants, bone grafts and gum enhancements. Older patients often report that their friends and family think they’ve had a face lift after having dental treatments.

Dental implants have become the most popular option for replacing a lost tooth. They have replaced permanent dental bridges in popularity because bridges require that teeth on each side of the gap be shaped into posts to hold porcelain crowns. Dentists who specialize in Facial Esthetics St. Charles IL recommend that implants be inserted into the jaw as soon as possible after the tooth loss. That’s because the jaw bone begins to lose mass and density when it no longer has a tooth root to support. However, if the patient has had a serious case of gum disease, the bone may already be diminished. In that case, the first step has to be to augment the jaw with a bone graft. This is a surgical procedure that is usually done on an outpatient basis. It takes about eight weeks for the jaw to heal.

The dentist inserts the titanium dental implant into the jaw. He then has to allow time for the jaw to incorporate the implant. This usually takes about six to eight weeks. The dentist then places a small gold pin on top of the implant. This is used to attach the porcelain crown. The dentist takes an impression of the post and sends it to a dental laboratory. When the crown is cemented onto the post, the result is a realistic and functional tooth. Experts in Facial Esthetics St. Charles IL will instruct the patient on how to care for their new tooth. If patients follow these instructions it should last for two or three decades.

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