Exquisite Beauty Defines The Look Of Bone China Mugs

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Early china was often an expensive import for England in the seventeen hundreds and even more so for the fledgling United States of America. This fine porcelain tableware was brought in at great expense from China and certain European countries and was often only affordable by few of the middle class and those in high society. In an effort to break into this market, an English porcelain factory owner developed what would later become known as bone china. Bone china is made from what is termed as soft paste porcelain. This is a method that covers a variety of techniques which were developed to replicate the style and quality of that exquisite and high priced Chinese porcelain. Unfortunately, very little was understood about the material composition of original china and even less about the methods in which it was made. This lack of knowledge made many early attempts at Chinese porcelain duplication failures, but made the successes even more important.

Bone China Mugs is a mixture of bone ash, kaolin (a clay based mineral) and feldspar which is a crystallized rock formation. The bone ash is typically made from cattle such as oxen and beef although other animals may be used. It is interesting to note that bone ash itself has many other uses including being used as a fertilizer and as part of various polishing compounds. In the case of bone china, it is the primary ingredient of the porcelain clay. It’s major purpose is to supply a calcium rich material which could be finely powdered and blended with the other ingredients then heated to about twelve hundred degrees without losing its shape.

One major difference between bone china and porcelain is how white the bone china is when compared to regular porcelain. Another is the fact that bone china is translucent while porcelain is not. If you hold a bone china plate towards a light source and place your hand behind the plate you should be able to see the dark outline of your hand.

For most collectors of Bone China Mugs and tableware, the primary advantage is it’s beauty. In most tableware, the functionality of the piece shows through, but Bone China Mugs have that delicate look that defines their elegance.

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