Exploring Options With The Roofing Contractor In Bloomington, MN


A leaky roof spells disaster for a home’s foundation. That is why all roofs need to be inspected on a regular basis. A contractor checks the shingles to see if they are curling, damaged or missing. This is especially important for people who live in areas that tend to have a lot of wind. A curling or cracked shingle means that water can get under them, and that is not good.


A contractor climbs on top of the roof, and walks on it during an inspection. They check the shingles, as well as the flashing. The contractor is looking for any areas that might be damaged. They will also check for storm damage. If there’s been a storm recently, the insurance company may pay for roofing repairs, or a new roof. If an individual does not know where to start, call the Roofing contractor in Bloomington, MN. Twin City Roofing offers roofing services, insulation installation and window installation.

Individuals who are thinking of getting a new roof, should investigate some of the other options. Many people are trying metal roofs. They are expensive, but metal roofs last longer than any roof out there. Further, there is no need to tear off the existing roof. The contractor cleans the old roof, and gets rid of any dirt or mold. Next, metal sheeting is applied over the old roof.

Tin is one of the cheapest metals that can be used for a roof. Some people think tin roofs make a lot of noise when it rains. However, tin is installed over a plywood and roofing felt. There is virtually no noise, and tin is not damaged by corrosion from water and salt. Further, a tin roof can last for nearly fifty years. Ask the contractor in Bloomington, MN, about wood shingles. Wood shingles and cedar shakes are making a come back in home design. They give new homes, an antique look. They are not as expensive as asphalt shingles, but last nearly as long. Taking care of the roof is a tedious, but necessary task. If the house needs a roof, explore some new options.